Never heard of him. Why should I care?

Jonathan Andrew is out of his blinking mind. He seems to believe that he doesn’t need to pick a single genre for his writing, that he can dabble in science fiction and fantasy, mystery, comedy, historical fiction, and suspense. He has this crazy pants mcnutjob idea that if you write compelling stories about interesting, unlikely heroes engaging in witty dialogue, people will just go with it. What a jerk.

Andrew’s writing has been described as “Dostoevsky but with more whimsy” and “C.S. Lewis meets Flannery O’Connor as scripted by a super high Aaron Sorkin.” He is presently trying to hunt down the people who said these things so that he can challenge them to a duel.

He is married with two children. You should buy his books so that he’ll stop reusing the same cup for soda at McDonalds every day.